Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

School mornings in our home resemble the perfect marriage between an episode of Modern Family and a Monty Python sketch — we have all the comedic drama of a sitcom and all the banter of a surrealist comedy– only no one is laughing, unless of course you count the delivery men who happen upon us by accident.  We are, quite frankly, every bit as normal as those frantically scurrying around behind the closed doors neighboring us, bar the few idiosyncrasies that make us slightly less so.  My school year begins with the enthusiasm of an Oscar worthy performance, never appearing with a hair out of place while I dish up breakfast fit for a king and leave love notes in all the magazine worthy lunch boxes carried by immaculate, well rested children skipping merrily while they enter the school gates…and then the second week of school starts and the real comedy begins.  This year I am changing tact, looking for a balance between perfection and mishap, and hoping to find it in a bowl of blueberry breakfast crumble.

We love crumble in our home, it is the pudding that binds us, warms us and brings us comfort one spoonful at a time.  Every family has their special dish, for us it is crumble in every shape and form.  As a means of bringing that evening comfort to our otherwise busy mornings, I created a breakfast crumble that I am certain will restore a calmness to our breakfast routine, perhaps even invite angels to sing and rainbows to ribbon across our kitchen table. Reducing the sugar, adding rolled oats and almonds makes this a mildly guilty free breakfast treat that is bursting with all the goodness that only fresh baked blueberries can bring to the table.