The Best Way to Brine Chicken Wings

Ever wondered how to brine chicken wings? If you are ready for the challenge of brining your BBQ chicken wings, you should check out this post. You will not need a lot of ingredient because the recipe is very easy for anyone.…Continue readingThe Best Way to Brine Chicken Wings

#AlexiaHolidays prize packed party week

If there is one thing I have not learned, it is how to get through the holiday season without a twinge of guilt for all the people I could have seen, the many places I could have gone and the show stopping…Continue reading#AlexiaHolidays prize packed party week

A #SkinnySummer Twitter Party

Summer is so close that over the last week we have eaten outdoors more than we have eaten indoors, and with sun kissed shoulders, I am now regretting that while I was shopping for all the fabulous fresh summer produce, I overlooked…Continue readingA #SkinnySummer Twitter Party

7 New Ways to Design a Wooden Kitchen

I have survived nearly 4 kitchen renovations in the last decade, all of which involved stripping my kitchen of wood and embracing more modern elements like concrete, rubber, and heavy metals.  I was never a fan of wood in a kitchen, often…Continue reading7 New Ways to Design a Wooden Kitchen

10 Spring Kitchen Crafts

I am anything but crafty…or so I have been telling myself for years.  But it would appear that despite my many rumblings of being an anti-crafter, I have a secret love of creating, especially when it involves adding a dose of spring…Continue reading10 Spring Kitchen Crafts

Strawberry Shortcake 2 Ways – be #PartyReddi

Certain elements hint to a big celebration, every family has their special touches that turn children into excitement charged little bees buzzing around practically giddy with anticipation. For me, that was a can of whipped cream. The moment I would open the…Continue readingStrawberry Shortcake 2 Ways – be #PartyReddi

How To Weave A Chair Seat

I blame Pinterest for the state of my craft room.  It’s a mess.  Not the kind of mess that says “I’m productive”, but the kind of mess that says “I’ve got a problem”. From Sun Prints, to Rag Rugs to my latest…Continue readingHow To Weave A Chair Seat

Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

School mornings in our home resemble the perfect marriage between an episode of Modern Family and a Monty Python sketch — we have all the comedic drama of a sitcom and all the banter of a surrealist comedy– only no one is…Continue readingBlueberry Breakfast Crumble

Almond Bundt Cake with Matcha Glaze

Admittedly, I’m late to the Matcha band wagon. And had it not been for my quest to find a naturally green food coloring for a St. Patrick’s Day dessert, I might never have climbed aboard. But I’m here and I’m now I…Continue readingAlmond Bundt Cake with Matcha Glaze

Spiced Cherry Crumble

I’m a guilty baker.  Guilty because I never seem to have enough time to bake all the pies I want, which is why this summer was vacant of pies resting on the window seal, and rather bursting with crumbles cooling on the…Continue readingSpiced Cherry Crumble

Feasting for Lovers & an #ApothicWhite Chili Peach Sangria Recipe

Fourteen years ago I met a man in a fairytale that only Hollywood could script.  Like every great romance, we started off like a cosmic boom where romance ran wild and time stood still, then came the baby carriages, the school bells…Continue readingFeasting for Lovers & an #ApothicWhite Chili Peach Sangria Recipe

4th of July Cranberry Sorbet Recipe

This July marks our 4 year anniversary of living in the US and it seems like each year we are becoming more and more acclimated to life in US.  No one asks for biscuits or to watch the tellie anymore; in fact,…Continue reading4th of July Cranberry Sorbet Recipe

2 Spicy Fry Dips

I’ll be the first to admit it, I am a sucker for a good fry….if I could, I would eat fries all day long. The minute they land within arms reach I devour them, never pausing until each one is gone; my…Continue reading2 Spicy Fry Dips