Wishing You a Fresh & Festive Season

November, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I love getting fresh in the kitchen, and this holiday season I am adding my love of fresh to my love of festive with delights that will dazzle my taste buds, tempt my nose and captivate my eyes. It truly is the one season where I embrace domesticity, fall in love with my neighbors and spend way to much time decking the halls.  To celebrate my love of this fabulous season, I have been working overtime on creating the Fresh & Festive magazine with DMA Solutions to bring you a free ezine that captures the heart of the holiday season and all the  magic that happens when you combine fresh ingredients and festive plans.

Download your copy here.

The free ezine is packed with my top tips for holiday entertaining, 3 of  my favorite DIY projects, a few of my goto quick tips for enjoying the holidays, and my beloved recipe (thanks mom for the inspiration) Date Bread using Natural Delights Medjool Dates.  Every year I make this loaf bread and pass it around to the neighbors, it blends the perfect balance between the spice of fruit cake with the sweet goodness of fresh dates….  mind you, so many of these loafs never leave the house because we are too busy eating them the moment they come out of the oven.


But enough about what I am offering you, what I am most excited about is that we handpicked the bloggers featured in the ezine for their commitment to taste, simplicity and quality recipes, they took some of my favorite fresh produce brands, and gave them each a unique holiday recipe that will most certainly bring your holiday table Fresh & Festive cheer. Download your copy of the Fresh & Festive ezine here.


To get started on the #FreshFestive prizes, pop over to our party board on Pinterest, by clicking here, then create  your own board called #FreshFestive and show us what your festive holiday season looks like. I hope you will join us for a very special #FreshFestive Twitter party on Nov 19th at 8pm EST.  To join, be sure to follow @CoryanneEttiene @NDmedjooldates and our tag #FreshFestive to join the conversation….and because we expect this to be quite the party, you can also join our TWUBS page to make following and chatting easier — check out our page  here.


Disclaimer:  Fresh & Festive  is a client of mine.  All thoughts and tips shared above are my own, and as a client of mine, they are compensating me for hosting the Twitter Party, the Pinterest Contest and as a co-creator of the ezine.  

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