Vanilla Nutella Sandwich Cake

September, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Motherhood, like childhood, goes by in a flash.  One moment you are folding teeny tiny onesies for a newborn, and the next, you are watching that baby dance around the room excited for another birthday while he folds his own t-shirts… then it hits you, that deep dark guilt that gnaws at you for not completing his baby book or spending 3 days trying to sculpt his  T-Rex drawing into what he said would be “the most awesome cake in the universe”.  Luckily, I’m his mummy…and with that comes a little forgiveness for not delivering “the most awesome cake in the universe”, but instead a pretty damn good one based on his favorite snack.

Nutella Vanilla Cake by Coryanne Ettiene

Nutella, is all but banned from our kitchen.  We all love it, a little bit too much frankly, so we went cold turkey a a few years ago and only recently started hiding a jar of it in the back of the pantry with big bold red letters scrolled across the lid warning certain punishment for twisting the lid and tucking in without permission.  Xander, given half the chance will slather nearly a whole jar on a single slice of toast…  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

This is not a light cake; rather it is a dense, heavy cake best served chilled with a tall glass of milk, kind of cake.  This heaviness plays well with the sandwich idea that inspired the recipe, and even more so if you opt to generously  butter the sides of the pan like I did, to give it a crusty bread finish around the edges.  The buttercream frosting is so simple, not a single shortening, just buttercream like it was intended — butter, cocoa, sugar and vanilla — mixed with a heaving measure of Nutella.

In a nod to the T-Rex cake, I plonked a rubber dino on the top, handed over an extra large reptile hat and watched little Xander wish upon a star. Needless to say, like all birthday’s in our house, we will all be feasting on cake for breakfast — I’m pretty sure it is written someplace that cake for breakfast is rule.

Nutella Vanilla Cake by Coryanne Ettiene


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