Tuna Fresca Recipe

May, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Food and real life moments should never be too complicated, life is too short for anything else.  When it comes to cooking, I’m a firm believer that the best food, is simple food; especially when it comes to snacking. Which is why when I need a quick dish without the fuss of cooking, I whip up a bowl of Tuna Fresca.

It’s as simple as mixing up a fresh salsa with just the right balance of heat, herbs and citrus, and then mixing it up with the tuna. The trick with great tasting Tuna Fresca is in the tuna you choose.  Packing a bowl with fresh salsa won’t mask the taste of poor quality tuna, for the perfect bite you need a tuna in extra virgin olive oil and the right amount of salt to really carry the flavor through and make it remarkable.  Served with salty corn tortilla chips and crisp white wine, it is a combination I never tire of.  For an heartier bite, add it to grilled bread or a bowl of light fluffy rice… the options are endless.

Tuna Fresca by Coryanne Ettiene

My love simple dishes like Tuna Fresca is at the heart of my new video series for Genova Seafood.  Each video offers something different, and takes you on a journey into my working day, daily life and my love of quick and delicious food.  Watch the 6 videos on their new Get Inspired page, and see how easy it is to whip up a bowl of fresh Tuna Fresca by hitting play on the video below.



Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Genova Seafood to create 6 recipe and lifestyle inspired videos.  All thoughts expressed are my own.



Tuna Fresca by Coryanne Ettiene

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