The Essential Kitchen Tool Kit

April, 2011 · By Coryanne Ettiene

It has taken me years to build a proper kitchen tool kit.  It started with cheap pots and pans that never lasted, then hand me downs from my grandmother that made me see the true value in investing in my kitchen tool kit.  After 10 years of cooking, I finally have the tool kit of my dreams.   Modern living has many of us searching for our inner chef, trying everything in sight to help us reach our full culinary talents, leaving the kitchen as yet another arena where both perfection and time are necessary… with that comes the pile of useless tools that we try to save time but only end up taking up space and costing us money as we search for short cuts.

Kitchen Tool Kit by Coryanne Ettiene

My favorite kitchen tools are listed below, I will go on record for saying that I have a pantry of baking trays that would cause the crew from Hoarders to swoop down and start filming, but then, can you really have to many baking trays?

  • Cast Iron Skillet (can you smell your grandmother’s cooking yet?)
  • Dutch Oven (one pot cooking to make life simple and delicious)
  • Copper lined Pots & Pans (yes they are expensive, but will save you time washing up & make cooking enjoyable)
  • Round Roasting Pan (perfect for roasting chicken, imagine those fabulous Sunday Dinners)
  • Rectangle Roasting Pan (perfect for larger roasted or when roasting meat & vegetables together)
  • Non-Stick Frying Pan (a modern delight, however I have never known a nonstick that I have not had to replace)
  • A trio of mixing bowls (not just for baking, they are a trusty cooking tool not to be underestimated)
  • A variety of cake pans (if you are not a baker, start with a round cake pan and add to your collection)
  • Knives & Knife Sharpener (buy the best you can afford and always wash them by hand)
  • Meat Fork (will prove invaluable with all those yummy roasts you plan to make)
  • Graters (not just for cheese, these darlings are great for garlic, ginger, vegetables & spices)
  • Kitchen scissors (invaluable chef tool, perfect for cutting meat, pizza or any other bite size morsel)
  • Timer (who has time to watch the clock?)
  • Pastry Brush (great for everything from laying a marinade on a steak to buttering a pie dish)
  • Measuring Cups (cooking is not always exact, but sometimes you need to be)
  • Kitchen Scale (Just like your grandmother had, baking is a science leave nothing to chance)



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