The Business of Food Blogging

July, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

When I started blogging 3 years ago it was on a whim, spurred on by our move from the UK to the US as a way to catalogue our final days in London and my love of domesticity.  For those who have been with me from the start, you will remember my Housewife Bliss blog, and all the household management stories that made it so popular.  I had no idea people would want to read what I wrote, let alone be compelled to write me, applauding me on my “modern feminist” approach; I did not set out to be a feminist figurehead, nor did I see myself as one, mainly because I was just a wife, who stumbled into domesticity kicking and screaming only to find that once I was fully planted in that role, that I loved it, feeling more alive than at any other time in my life.  Alas, as my blog grew, so too did my writers block and my overwhelming pull to write about my life in the kitchen.  Housewife Bliss no longer resinated with my writing, and the more I wrote, the more I wanted to come out from behind the housewife curtain and focus on what really drew me to my love affair with domesticity, the kitchen.  It was a frighting move, plagued by doubt and fear and surprisingly, fueled by excitement.  A year ago I put my fear aside, and followed my heart, shutting down Housewife Bliss and starting from scratch with Kitchen Living with Coryanne.  I changed every social media platform I had to Coryanne Ettiene, started a business and never looked back.  I still get emails asking me to re-open Housewife Bliss, and to them I reply that I had to follow my heart, and focus on a topic that I could never grow tired of.  For me, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the core of domesticity, and the epicenter the binds us together and making family life a celebration.

The Business of Food Blogging with @CoryanneEttiene

The business of food blogging is not what I had expected.  It is a creative space beyond all imagination.  Where taste, words and sight intertwine.  Well beyond the text of a recipe that can take days to create, a food blogger must awaken your hunger with a narrative that feeds your soul and captures the spirit of that recipe in a photo that makes you ravenous.  Add to that the complexity of learning how to navigate the web, promoting your recipe and finding your audience; all the while keeping would be thieves from duplicating your work, or worse still, blatantly using your photographs as their own.  Not just a platform for passion, food blogging is a business, one where very few thrive and millions strive.  There are brand relationships to build, media contacts to nurture and dreams to chase.

The lifestyle of a food blogger is often molded around food and witnessed behind  a camera lens.  Dinners are first served hot and styled for the camera, while family members joke about the all too familiar photo session that precedes dinner.  Kitchen storage is an issue, as each drawer is bursting with treasured styling props, kitchen gadgets and equipment.  And despite the lack of space, the quest to find yet more styling props grows with an almost feverish passion.

Food bloggers are a community bound together by their love of food and photography.  While some are striving for fortune in the food industry, others are simply cataloging their hobby.  But one things unites these two distinct camps, the constant learning required to stay on trend with technology, food topics, and copy right issues.  This Wednesday I will be hosting the #FreshBloggers Twitter Talk to discuss these topics, create a platform for sharing ideas and introduce you to Stemilt, a brand as passionate about the business of food blogging as I am.

#FreshBloggersJoin me Wednesday 10 July at 8pm for #FreshBloggers. Bring your tips, your blog URLs and your voice to this topic.  Follow @CoryanneEttiene and @Stemilt on Twitter, and use #FreshBloggers to join in the discussion.  Unlike my other Twitter parties, this is a collaborative discussion where you lead the dialogue.

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