Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Tips

November, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I’ve yet to meet anyone who looks forward to navigating the grocery store and watching their bank balance bleed out in the run up to Thanksgiving.  Including me, and my idea of retail therapy is grocery shopping.  When it comes to shopping for your Thanksgiving meal remember that The early bird gets the worm.  Whether you’ve been shopping all month, or left everything to the last minute, getting to the stores before 10am is the best way to avoid the crowds and find the aisles restocked. Before you write your list,  watch my lasted featured video for AOL with tips on how to save money by buying the right ingredients for your pumpkin pie and how to avoid a leftovers hangover by buying the right amount of turkey.

Click here to watch the video or click play on the video embedded below.

While I am spilling the beans on spuds and drumsticks, I might as well be totally honest about the photo below.  No, I’m not grinning from ear to ear, nor do I have nearly enough lipstick on, but I love it because this is what it looks like when a tiny spark of the big wild dream you have twinkles.

Coryanne Ettiene on location with AOL

This is me, trying to look composed, professional and as cool as can be.  Actually, I was standing in the produce aisle for a while getting chilly…but seriously.  I’m standing there with a group of handsome men, a slew of camera equipment and 2 amazing women looking after me like I am royalty, while all the while curious shoppers stand back and watch the whole thing as if any moment they are going to place me.   And then suddenly they “did” and started telling the world that they saw…  you guessed it, Tina Fey.  Who knew that time could fly by so quickly, and yes, I had the time of my life despite the looks of disappointment when the onlookers learned that no, I was not Tina, but Coryanne.  Wishing you and your family a fabulous Thanksgiving.



Coryanne Ettiene on location with AOL

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