Sweet Potato Fries with a Dipping Good Twist

February, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Like all good expat families, our kitchen is divided.  In one corner we have team Ketchup, in the other team Mayo, and oddly enough we have a few stuck firmly in the middle, choosing to divvy up their dipping bowl with equal portions of both.  While I still wave the flag for team Ketchup, I am a closet fan of peanut butter and fries, a hangers-on from my single days in London that caught on after too many Friday nights spend sitting at my favorite gastro-pub with my best girlfriends.  The gradual shame of being at a table with the lone bowl of Ketchup does amazing things to your palate….(cue the Lemmings).  The creamy  aromatic spice of the peanut butter, blended with the salty crunchy fry was love at first bite.  My only regret is that following that first bite, my Friday night routine for a year consisted of peanut butter, fries and red wine; a combination that single handedly resulted in my first pair of Spanx, but I digress……..

When Alexia Foods asked me to create a recipe using their sweet potato fries, I was immediately drawn to pair them with a North African dip — a natural progression since we eat a Moroccan inspired stew nearly every week in the winter, and more often than not, I toss in a few sweet potatoes to give it color and texture.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the oven…I tripped over my peanut butter jar and the next thing I knew, I was giving the sweet potato fries the peanut better taste test.  Naturally, I loved it with both dips, so here we are, a platter  full of sweet potato fries and 2 dipping bowls with very different flavors.



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Disclaimer: As an Alexia Tastemaker, I am being compensated for the partnership and recipes that I create for Alexia Foods.   The content, recipe and sentiments shared above are all my opinions.  


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