Summer Bunting for Playful Parties

June, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I have these rose tinted glasses when it comes to summer bunting, something about bright fabric flowing in the breeze tugs at my heart, and conjures up images of everything that is magical about summer.  The charm of creating a decorative party piece that can last a season or a lifetime pulled at my heart strings, forced me to discover my crafty side and tackle this summer  project with all the enthusiasm of a crafting pro, despite my obvious handicap of not having a crafty gene in my body.

With so many perishable decorative party pieces available, I wanted to create something nostalgic, every lasting and a tangible reminder of the playful giggles that wafted around the garden under the canopy of a bright youthful bunting.  I got rather carried away by the bunting bug when I noticed that the scraps of the garden bunting were cut perfectly for cupcake toppers and table bunting (as I said, I got carried away).  Use them all together or  individually, either way, cloth bunting will give your parties a sense of nostalgia, and sometimes, giving the old fashioned a modern twist is what will make your next party memorable. For a full view of the ice cream social that played the stage to my summer bunting, pop over to celebrations.com.


  • Scissors
  • No-Sew Tape
  • Twine or rope
  • Pins
  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Paper
  • Pen

Garden Bunting Directions

Mark your paper with the triangle shape you are looking for — generally bunting is longer than it is wide.  Cut out the triangle shape and then mark your fabric with the triangle pattern.  Continue to mark out your pattern until you have reached your desired number of triangles, and then cut them out.  Place your twine/rope across the top of the triangle shape, allowing a 1 inch over hang so that the top of the triangle folds over the twine/rope and covers the new-sew tape.  Fasten with a pin and continue until you have the length of the rope/twine complete.  Once complete, heat your iron, and then iron the top of each triangle to seal the no-sew tape so that the triangle is firmly in place.  Continue this process until your bunting is complete.

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