Strawberry Mint Lemonade

July, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

A Strawberry Mint Lemonade is the sort of thing you whip up when you open the fridge on a thirsty afternoon to make a Strawberry Daiquiri only to discover that you don’t have any limes, but instead a huge bowl of lemons and an overgrown mint bush. So, as they say….When life hands you lemons, make a Strawberry Mint Lemonade.  This happy accident really was a mission of a little bit of that, oh I have so much of this, oh wait, I don’t have that… stir, sip and smile.

I always wait until mid summer to start plucking strawberries from the market shelves because the early summer late spring berries, while pretty, don’t have that same umph of sweet berry flavor that makes a strawberry, a strawberry. No one likes to bite into a white, slightly sweet, dry berry…so I wait until they are so ripe that you race home from the store to eat them before they over-ripen in the hot ride home.

Strawberry Mint Lemonade by Coryanne Ettiene

Of course I added Vodka.  But just a small measure, it was 5 O’clock…..  Here is the trick with making a minty drink of any kind.  Don’t over muddle. Mint is delicate, mint is refined and oh so fragrant, there is no need to pummel it, to bruise it or to ruin it.  Gently roll in in your hands to release the oils, or gently roll the muddle over it. Don’t bash it, don’t smash it, don’t take out your aggressions the mint or it will bite you with a bitter, nasty almost undrinkable aftertaste that spoils the whole moment. Instead, smash those berries, they can take it and if I’m honest, they create this slushy effect that is perfect in this Strawberry Mint Lemonade when you serve it with ice.

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

  • 2 Sprigs of fresh mint
  • 2 leaves of fresh mint, minced
  • 1 Lemon, squeezed and sliced
  • 5 Strawberries, muddled
  • 4 Ounces of sparkling water
  • 1 Ounce of Vodka, optional
  • Teaspoon of simple syrup, optional

Add the berries, and lemon juice to a glass, top with ice and then splash in the sparkling water, vodka and simple syrup (if you are using them). Toss in the mint and then stir with a bar spoon to blend them together. Garnish with the mint sprigs and a slice of lemon before serving.  Cheers!

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Strawberry Mint Lemonade by Coryanne Ettiene

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