Strawberry and Chocolate Ganache Pie

July, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I love food photography.  Wait, what I should say is that I love really good food photography. But photography is a skill and an art form that requires you to have not only time, but the vision to make food come to life.  Like everything else in my food journey, I have a trail of evidence dragging behind me to show how much I have learned, and food photography is no exception. While I still have a ton to learn, simply buying the right camera made a huge difference in my photography.   Frankly I have no idea why I waited so long to buy an SLR with a nifty fifty lens, but I did…and when I did sunbeams shot out of my ears and even burnt toast looked amazing (yes, I burn toast… and sometimes I scrape it off with a knife, please don’t tell my children).  Usually photography is a solo effort where I am chasing daylight, asking my family to “hold this”, “eat this”, “laugh”, “look at me”, “stand there” until we are all exhausted by my effort to get the right shot, and then more so when I start asking them to look at nearly identical photos and pick  their favorite.  But on a recent visit from London, my Aunt Jane stood on the decking in our Washington home and watched me set the stage for my Strawberry Chocolate Pie, and wasted no time getting involved.

Strawberry & Chocolate Ganache Pie by Coryanne Ettiene

Like watching someone slowly savour a spoonful of your cooking, having someone embed themselves in your food styling is intimate on a level words fail to express. The experience left me utterly appreciative and satisfied. We laughed, we shuffled objects around, we toyed with staging ideas, we found icing sugar on our shoes and we bantered over the photos.  Food, even without tasting it, created a memory; I will never look at a Strawberry Chocolate Pie without thinking of that shared moment with my Aunt Jane.

Of course we ate the pie too….   Usually I make this pie with raspberries, but sweet strawberries were everywhere in May and it will most certainly be made again.   While this fridge pie may look complicated, the steps are simple and take very little time…it is the waiting that will kill you, not the effort.  This pie makes a standard size pie that served 6-8 people.

Strawberry Chocolate Pie by Coryanne Ettiene






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