Rosemary Pesto Flatbread Recipe

March, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Being a working mother means that there are times (frankly, more times than I care to admit) that I have no idea what I will be serving for dinner until 5pm when the children start circling the kitchen with cry’s of “What’s for dinner?”  At that first rumbling of hunger, I start taking stock of what we have, trying all the while to come up with something that looks like I have everything under control….and on those occasions, when grocery shopping is long overdue and the options are limited, I know that my freezer will save the day.  Like every family we have the endless stock pile of leftovers, fries, fish and bags of frozen peas…but when time and a  well balanced meal is an issue, I pull out a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, let the flat bread do all the hard work for me, and go from freezer to served in under 45 minutes.

Like any pizza or flatbread recipe, the ingredients and quantities are variable….but the bare bones are essential.  I started with a basic short crust pastry recipe, a bag of Alexia Sauté Reds, and fresh rosemary from the garden.  The blend of roasted red potatoes & baby Portabella mushrooms with whole green beans and onions make the rosemary come alive, especially if you squeeze a lemon atop the flatbread just before serving.  If I had had sausage, I would have added it to the blend as my children are anything but vegetarians, but the flavors dazzled them, and no one mentioned the absence of meat….. the only squabble I got, was that I should have made more.


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