Roasted Rose Petal Beets

December, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I know very few jokes, and the ones I do know, I over use.  Strangers think I’m funny, but that is only because I use up all my good jokes in the first meeting.  By the time we have our second ‘date’ they are, in all honesty,  old and tiresome.  The way I see it, if you are still laughing with me and not at me by the time you hear them again, then we will be life long friends.  Such is the case with “The beet goes on“. Classic right?  But if you follow me on Instagram you are either still laughing or wondering when I will get new material because every single time I post a photo of  beets, I let this one fly right past my lips and onto the screen.  It’s funny right?

But like my 5 old faithful jokes, I have the same old tiresome beet recipes that I make time after time…because they are damn good and why should I really go to all the trouble of changing a good thing?  But then I got fancy at Thanksgiving and thought I would take a walk on the wild side by dressing up my roasted beets.  They are more like a work in progress then finished masterpiece.  I want to play with them, give them a few new tricks before I share a recipe,  but I like where it is headed so rather than wait, I thought us fellow beet lovers could collaborate, explore and discover the next best thing together.

Rose Roasted Beets by Coryanne Ettiene

Slicing them was simple.  Coming up with idea of a garlic head centerpiece was easy.  Arranging them a breeze (so long as you have enough).  But the tricky part comes when you start to roast them.  I like my beets, soft in center, slightly firm on the outside and slathered in roast chicken drippings.  Clearly roasting them like this means that you miss out on all the drippings so I scattered a few bacon strips in there for good measure — pure genius frankly, but still the exposed edges crisped to quickly for  my taste, and the center is not quite perfect.  So I turned down he heat the next time, and cooked them for longer… nearly there but not quite.  My next attempt will be thicker slices.  But if you like your beets crispy, 400F for 40 minutes will tickle your fancy, especially if you are generous with the bacon slices and use thinly sliced beets.  I’m having a fabulous time perfecting this rose petal beet dish, especially since every failure leaves me with a hearty portion of roasted beets perfect for a winter salad.



Rose Roasted Beets by Coryanne Ettiene

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