Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

July, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Fork me?  Spoon me?  Apparently I missed the ettiquette lesson on eating ice cream because when I tuck into a homemade pot of ice cream, I reach for a fork.  A spoon only gets in the way of savoring every single bite…. I might as well confess that I usually eat it straight from the pot too; short of putting a sticky label on the tub, everyone knows it is mine because of my habit of leveling off the top of the pot or forking patterns into the top in a zen gardening fashion. Mentioning this on Facebook only caused a swarm of questions, most popular being “What about when it melts?”  — well darlings, when it melts that is my signal to put down the pot and walk away.  Despite my unsightly habits at home, I do use a spoon in public.

Raspberry Vanilla Ice cream recipe by Coryanne Ettiene

Should you ever be tempted to come over to the dark side of life this recipe for Raspberry Vanilla ice cream will woo you with a come hither that will make you reach for a fork without thinking.  Rich, creamy, marbled with tart compote and layers with fresh raspberries…  this ice cream was made for forks; spoons only dampen the experience.  If you are going to play by the rules and use a spoon, serve it up in something fabulous.  The cranberry glasses featured belong to my grandmother who passed them down to my mother after she was tired of looking at them,  luckily my mother decided to clean out her kitchen so they landed in my car when we visited this summer; imagine the parties they  have been to, the stories they could tell…  They are my new official ice cream bowls, silver spoons included for when we are keeping up appearances and behaving like a normal family when it comes to ice cream.

Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream by Coryanne Ettiene

Taking inspiration from the glasses, I added the berry compote because I had some taking up room in the fridge — it takes 15 minutes to make and a few hours to chill, get the recipe here.   But if time does not allow, add a drizzle of really good preserve or jam.  If you fancy something similar in the winter when berries are less available, swap the berries out with stewed stone fruits, pears, or apples for a festive fall twist on this summer recipe.





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