Quick Superbowl PomPoms

January, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

We celebrate the Super Bowl because life grinds to a halt on Super Bowl Sunday, not because we are football fans.  In an effort to mask our total lack of football knowlege we over compensate by having all the fan-fair possible.  Finger foods, drinks, snacks, football bingo and a whole slew of DIY goodies like megaphones and pompoms adorn our sitting room ready to pack a whole season of football into a single day.  There must be a name for us, I think “Poser” fits…. but who cares, we have fun posing on Super Bowl Sunday; any excuse for a party right?

DIY PomPoms by Coryanne Ettiene

I love pompoms.  They shimmy when you shake them and they offer a quiet fun that does not distract from the conversation.  That is until you let a 6 year old take control, and then everything pauses to feast on the one man parade taking place.  Out of all the pompoms I have made in my life, I prefer the quiet rattle of tissue paper to any other material.  That, and using tissue paper makes them so easy to put together than you can make them on the spot, creating a fun Super Bowl craft for anyone more interested in crafts than football.

SuperBowl PomPoms by Coryanne Ettiene

If you are looking for a last minute Super Bowl project or just want to shimmy around with pompoms, this one is for you.  You’ll need 10 minutes, a clean table, scissors, tissue paper (around 20 sheets per pompom)  and some sort of ribbon or twine.

Step 1.  Position 5 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other and cut 1 inch strips along the longest path of the paper for a longer pompom like we made, or along the shorter path for stubbier pompoms.    Repeat this until you have a pile of around 50 strips of tissue paper.  More if you want them fuller.

Step 2.  Place your tissue strips in a stacked pile and tie your ribbon/twine around the center of the pile securing it with a knot.  Then fold over the tissue so that it fans out and folds back onto itself to create a fountain of tissue strips.

Step 3.  Use a 6 inch piece of ribbon/twine to tie around the the bottom of the pom pom to create the base for the handle.  Secure it with a knot, and then loop the remaining ribbon in place big enough for a wrist.  The final loop will be how you hold your pompom.

Step 4:  Cut off the remaining ribbon to create a neat final pompom.  Shout, shimmy, cheer your heart out.



DIY PomPoms by Coryanne Ettiene

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