NorthWest Flower & Garden Show Series

February, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

My mother has a green thumb, a fabulous gift bestowed to her from my grandfather.  The fruit, as it were, fell very far from the tree when it came to me…I’ve been known to kill cacti.  When we bought our home, I had grand ideas of hanging gardens, and produce paths to compliment the already established orchard, but those dreams died a rapid death our first season here, and so too did my attempt to will my green thumb to life.  Instead of gardening, I skip to the finish and support our farmers and gladly take handouts from our neighbors (who really should be showing their produce at the state fair) and enjoy the benefits of food that is grown.  It’s a bit of a cheat in my estimation, but to be honest, I get so much joy from cooking that I never give my failing green thumb a second thought…until this week.  This weekend, I will be speaking at the NorthWest Flower and Garden Show right along side people who quite possibly have the greenest thumbs in the country.  Gulp.

2014 NWFGS Speaker Decal

Friday I will be sharing my tips on preserving the season with recipes and inspirations for infused salts, sugars, simple syrups, preserved citrus and quick tips for freezings, storing and caring for your fresh produce.  Saturday, I am so excited to be joined by my daughter Margeaux — the youngest ever presenter at the NWFGS —  together we will be offering up simple healthy mid week meal ideas that get children inspired by food that is grown.  Follow my journey on Instagram and Twitter where I will be posting behind the scenes pictures and no doubt rattling on about how green those thumbs are.  Next week I’ll be sharing my recipes from the show on the blog…so stay tuned darlings, spring is coming and so too is all of that amazing produce.





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