New Year’s Eve DIY Party Favors

December, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make some noise and let 2016 know that I am so ready for the new year to start.  If you read that with a Valley Girl voice pronouncing the “so”, then I like you, I like you very much.  These quick last minute New Years Eve DIY Party Favors are ridiculously simple and cheap to make.  When Sam and I got together in December to make a last minute DIY video for AOL, it took us all of an hour to make them; And that included buying the materials.

DIY New Years Eve Noisemaker by Coryanne Ettiene

By far the easiest New Year’s Eve DIY Party Favors to make are the noise makers.  And since you are likely seeing this because it it the very essence of last minute, embrace this as your DIY, because really, all you are doing is replacing the decorative element with a DIY party favor that matches your theme.  Using Vellum or hard card stock is the best approach, and all you will need is some hot glue or decorative tape to complete the craft. This photo that Sam took is amazing, right?  But trust me, they actually do turn out looking just like this, and with very little effort.   Watch the how to by clicking here, or watch the video below.

If I had not been so slack in getting this New Year’s Eve DIY Party Favors post written, you might have had more time to make these, but on the off chance you have a collection of discarded push-up pop containers, this is the perfect DIY for you.   Not only did Sam take this great photo, he also was the brains behind this DIY project. Click here to watch us make these festive confetti poppers.

New Years Eve confetti-popper by Coryanne Ettiene


DIY New Years Eve Noisemaker by Coryanne Ettiene

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