My Love Affair with Grilled Sweet Peppers

May, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

The secret is out, I don’t have a sweet tooth.  Maybe that is why baking has been the last hurdle in my kitchen journey?  I would happily nosh on grilled vegetables from dawn until dusk, add to that a tangy vinaigrette and I could survive for eternity on nothing more.  My love affair with grilled peppers started years ago while I was starving and near broke standing next to a street vendor in Syria….perhaps it was the hunger, quite possibly the vibrant color of the peppers piled high on a rustic platter…or maybe it was the timeless echo of love at first bite, what ever it was, I rarely go a week without stocking my fridge with grilled peppers and celebrating my wise choice to spend my last few coins on those grilled peppers. Admittedly, I frequently enjoy them right out of the fridge on the closest spoon I can find.  When Sunset Produce asked me to create a recipe line up for Cooking with Coryanne for iFood.TV using their gourmet produce, I nearly bit their hand off at the prospect.  From freshly stewed tomato sauce, to grilled eggplant and to the every captivating grilled peppers, I had the best time filming this series.


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Join me in my love affair with grilled peppers with my fave summer dish of white bean and grilled pepper flat bread by watching the show above, or watch the full series bursting with fresh ideas for summer cooking by clicking here.





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