Muscovado Plum Granita

June, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Nothing beats an ice cold Granita on a hot summer day. Just one taste, regardless of flavor, reminds me of those childhood slushy machines that I coveted when I was a little girl. Not so much because I loved the flavor of those oh too sweet sugary slushies, but because I adored the ice.  Ice. Cold glorious ice.  Fast forward 40 years and that little girl is in her kitchen blitzing fresh summer fruit, simmering syrups and making granita like she was born to do it. By far my favorite is a Muscovado Plum Granita, and add a splash of vodka and well…   life is just marvelous.

Muscovado Granita by Coryanne Ettiene HS

Yes, any old white granulated simple syrup will do. But why when you can create a Muscovado just as simply?  The flavor is rich, sweet and earthy, nothing short of brilliant when cooled and added to blended plum because using a golden Muscovado adds a layer that is smooth, not tangy like a white sugar.  Like any simple syrup, you simmer until thick, and then allow it to cool.  But unlike any simple syrup, it lingers on the palate, perfect in summer and even better as we get into fall.

The plum because…if I am honest, that is what I had. And if I did not eat them, the chickens or the children would have. So I acted fast in that 24 hour window where plums burst with red pigment and tease you with their tart sweetness.  I halved them, pitted them and then added them to the blender, skins and all, until they were smooth and velvety.  Added a dash of lemon juice, blitzed again, then poured it into a tin pan.  Drizzled the syrup, folded the mixture with a spoon and them popped it in the freezer. Simple as that.

But not so fast. You have to show it some love. Every 25 minutes you rake it with a fork to give it that granulated texture. 3 times should be just what you need to get a soft scoop. Or you can do it once, and leave it overnight.  Once you get the granulation that you desire, scoop it in to a copper mug to keep it colder for longer, top it with a splash of sparkling water, or even…vodka for the perfect summer Muscovado plum granita.

Stay cool, there is a long hot summer ahead.

Plum Granita by Coryanne Ettiene HSCopper

Muscovado Plum Granita

  • 2 Cups of puréed plum
  • 1/3 Cup of Muscoado simple syrup
  • 2 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice





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