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April, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

The women in my family are a constant inspiration to me.  My mother taught me to work hard, keep your chin up and how to turn lemons into lemonade.   My grandmother taught me to be curious, honest and that food can bring families together.  My aunt taught me to be adventurous, mischievous and always laugh at life.  Without them I would not be the woman I am today, nor the mother I am to my children.  I remember when I was 18 and announced, much to my mother’s horror, that I wanted to go to South Africa, she found an inner strength and told me to be safe. may aunt told me to enjoy myself; and my grandmother told me to taste everything I could get my hands on.   That same advice was given to me again when I was 21 before I left for China, and again and again over the years on each new trip.  As I write this, I can hardly think how hard it  must have been for each of these women, in all of their different personalities, to offer that advice with an encouraging spirit to a wild eyed young girl with more ambition than sense.  And only now, as I consider what I advice I would give my children should I find myself on the other side of the departing gates, do I really appreciate how remarkable they are.  I’ll be thousands of miles away from them when Mother’s Day rolls around this year, but regardless of the distance, I will be celebrating them and the lessons they have taught me.

Celebrate Mother's Day by Coryanne Ettiene

In my latest series for Celebrations.com I took inspiration from the distance that will separate us this year, looking for ways to capture the memories that they have given me, and carrying those traditions forward with my own children.  The most simple project is creating a wrapping that allows you to use the photos that mean the most to create a personal touch to even the smallest of gifts. But my absolute favorite, is the personalized coffee mug.  You see, I hate to admit it, but once I forgot my mother at the airport; it was her first trip to London and after a night of drinking with my friends, I overslept, leaving her at the airport for hours.  I tried everything I could to get the airport to page her so she knew I was on my way….   needless to say, I will never forget her at the airport again, and now I have a coffee mug to remind her that I won’t.
Get all my tips for hosting, celebrating and capturing the fun of a personalized Mother’s Day in my Celebrations.com series, with all the links below.

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