How to Shop at a Farmers Market

October, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I’ve always been a fan of farmers markets. There is a certain intoxication associated with stalls of fresh seasonal produce and handmade products.  With over 10k farmers markets dotted across the US, America is quickly building a relationship with local, season food.  I’ve shopped at markets in all over the globe, and have always been captivated by their sense of community. I’m lucky enough to live near the fabulous Chestnut Square in McKinney Texas and have quickly developed a relationship with local farmers and artisans making my weekends all the more rich because of it.

How to shop at a farmers market by Coryanne Ettiene

Photo credit: Sam Henderson 2014

In my latest video for AOL On I take you on a tour of my local market and share with you a few of the tips I’ve picked up from my years of farmers market shopping.  Because no two markets are alike, and no two market days are the same, when you arrive at your market, take a quick loop around to see what is on offer, and get there early for the pick of the crop, or arrive late to get the best deals.  And whether you are pro or a first time market shopper, you’ll get the most out of your market experience if you befriend your grower – there is noting more rewarding that knowing the person behind the stall.  Watch the video via this link or click play on the screen below.

Shopping in the transition season between summer and Fall can be tricky — but also rewarding.  You have all the ripeness of that late summer harvest and all the excitement of the new Fall produce.  Right now your local market will be packed with a variety of fresh autumn squashes, pears, apples, radishes, and potatoes.  And positively brimming with canned and perceived items that burst with the flavors of summer.

How to shop at a farmers market by Coryanne Ettiene

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