How to Organize Your Kitchen

June, 2011 · By Coryanne Ettiene

My kitchen is rarely magazine ready….  I have 3 children, an open door policy and on any given occasion, someone is cooking or eating something.  The kitchen is where we live, play, laugh and watch life unfold.  As the heart of the home, your kitchen gets used more than any other room.  It is the room where daily duties abound, mess is made and cleaning is essential. The best defense I have against a chaotic kitchen is to organize it so that everything has a place, and everything goes back into place when we are done.  If like me, you are striving for a more organized kitchen, her are a few tips to get you on your way.  And if after reading my tips you long for more ideas, check out my Kitchen Organization board on Pinterest here.

how to organize your kitchen by Coryanne Ettiene

Big Storage Solutions: Use deep shelves for large items, and employ organizing units to get the most out of unused spaces. Store your items by purpose to find them easily and be sure to reinforce your cupboard shelves to ensure that heavy roasting pans do not crumble under their weight.

Love your drawers: Put your drawers to work, they make a great place to store aprons, dishtowels and smaller items that would otherwise float around the room.  Get rid of your junk drawer…it is just junk taking up space.

Make extra space: Add shelves, utilize doors, and if ceiling height and space allows, free up a cupboard by hanging your pots and pans on a rack, or hang simple storage basket for every day items.

Tidy up your counters: Display your best loved and most used items on your counter tops, but remember there is a fine line between display and clutter.  Ensure that you have enough room to use your work surfaces properly.  Baskets, bowls, trays, lazy Susan’s and hooks create stations to work from and prevent your display productive.

Stack like a supermarket stocker: Keep your everyday dry storage items at eye level, regularly used items above and seldom used items below.

Location, Location, Location:

  • Keep your utensils, pots and pans near your stove
  • Dishtowels by your sink
  • Cookbooks nestled together & away from your sink, oven or fridge.
  • Dishes by your dishwasher
  • Spices in the dark





how to organize your kitchen by Coryanne Ettiene

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