How to Make a Christmas Tree Bow Topper

October, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Little can be said about my crafting ability — I have plenty of ideas but when it comes to putting them into place, my efforts resemble that of a 6 year old rather than the ability of a skilled professional.  As a sorority girl I had plenty of crafting support, and could wield a glue gun and puffy paint like a crafting rock star….truth be told,  I even had a collection of rubber stamps and ink pads that the crafty crowd would envy, but somewhere between secret handshakes and climbing the corporate ladder, my passion for crafts died and so too did my skill.  Fast forward 20 years and I stand before you with a crafting closet that appeared literally overnight thanks in part to my new best friends at Plaid Crafts.  Over the last two weeks I have been learning to paint, Papier-mâché and hot glue gun like a Craft Wars contestant,  all in preparation for my latest eHow series on Christmas Tree Decorating Tips that I filmed earlier this week.

Coryanne live on-air demonstrating bow making for eHow

It turns out that learning to craft again is simple.  Like cooking, the more you do it, the better you get…. and eventually, you end up with something presentable, like my bow tree topper.  When they asked me to demonstrate a bow topper I immediately went online to watch experts make them, and then spent days fretting over how imperfect they were.  After hours of trial and error I finally figured out that if you can tie a shoe string, you can tie a ribbon topper. Once I learned how to make one, I immediately got to work on making miniature versions for my holiday gifts, and now have a box full of tiny bow toppers just waiting to be tied to homemade bottles of infused sugar.

How to make a bow topper

Step 1:  Measure the height of your tree, and create 4 lengths of ribbon to cover your tree from top to bottom – this will act as the length of the ribbon streamers that fall down your tree. Secure them with a pipe cleaner and set to the side while you make the bow topper.

Step 2:  To create a bow topper for a tree you will need between a ½ yard to 1 yard per loop depending on how wide and tall your tree is;  A good rule of thumb is the measure the top diameter of your tree and use that measurement as your working figure.  To make a full ribbon, estimate for 10 loops on your bow topper and 4 lengths of streamer.

Step 3:  Begin by giving yourself a short length of ribbon and then loop and pinch each section together until you have the desired size.  Each loop will grow in length as your make your bow.  Once you have your desired size, bind the center tightly with a pipe cleaner and then fasten your streamers to the center of the bow to complete it.

….need a visual?  Don’t worry, the series will be up soon on eHow……..



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