How to Bake an Egg Like a Rock Star

February, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Baked eggs…  now there is a magic combination if there ever was one.  Like baked French toast, only easier.  And I am all about easy on a Sunday morning, yep I went there.  I’m a big fan of eggs, not just because they are good for you, but because you can do so very much with them.  Frankly, we are never out of eggs; like bread, and milk, they are shopping staple in our home, so if you pop over at a moments notice I just might serve you an egg, be warned.  Better still, I’m likely to serve you a baked egg so we can sip our coffee while it cooks itself.

Baking an egg is simple.  Heat the oven to 400F, find a small oven safe dish and bake your eggs for 12-15 minutes.   I grabbed the first thing I could find, which is why my eggs are in pie tins, I clearly broke the cardinal rule of food blogging…. (never use your ugly dishes just incase you want to take a photo).  But, I did, I’m a rebel like that.   That is 12 minutes to do the dishes, make a pot of coffee, update your Facebook feed, call  your mother…  that is not 12 minutes of cooking.  Will I ever eat a fried egg again?  Stay tuned.

Baked Eggs by Coryanne Ettiene

The trick with baking eggs is to have as much fun as possible and be sure to butter you dish before cracking the eggs into them.    There are two rules of thumb with baking eggs, some say 325F, some say 400F; I find that 400F gives me a better cooked egg, not too runny, not too hard, just right.  When your egg whites are white, not soft and translucent, they are cooked.  If your oven is a bit temperamental, set the timer to rotate your cups at 6 minutes.  You can spoon a dash of cream or milk over the top of your eggs if you are taking a leaf from the French book of baking eggs, or skip it if you are taking your lead from me.  Even more still, you can bathe your cups in water to give them a more even finish (I’ve never done this, I’m sure one day this with catch up to me).  Get creative, the eggs pictured are layered with ham and cheese, but thinly sliced potatoes, tomatoes, grilled peppers, anything and everything works…even chopped bread.

Got eggs?  Give it go and tell me how it went on the Kitchen Living with Coryanne Facebook page.

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