Homemade Sherbet Drumsticks

August, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  August is here and for most of us the summer heat is sending us searching for recipes to keep us cool and jovial on these sweltering days. I always find ice cream a bit too creamy and rich when the temperatures soar, and so I look for ways to incorporate tart and icy sherbet into my summer offerings.  I was the child that would go to the ice cream store and ask for a scoop of Daiquiri Ice, the first time I ordered it my mother raised her eyebrow at me (as only my mother can) and quickly asked the 16 year old ice cream scooper how much alcohol was in it.  I remember the bells and lights going off in that teenagers face with eyes wide and excited by the potential of having 10 gallons of boozy sherbet at her fingertips.  The manager scrambled away and returned only to announce that there was less than 0.5% alcohol in it, much to my elation and the teenagers disappointment.  From that day forward I was hooked on summer time sherbet, making my long lazy summer days a blur of  pineapple, strawberry and Daiquiri sherbets, one sweet icy scoop at a time.

Homemade Sherbet Drumsticks are so simple to make that my 3 year old son Xander spent all of last week building his drumsticks in the morning and then devouring them in the afternoon.  All you need is an egg carton, wax paper, tape and your favourite ingredients.    For summer time entertaining, dive into boozy drumsticks by soaking your fruit in the tipple of your choice and then layer the fruit into your drumstick.  Read my recipe and more ideas on hosting a summer ice cream social on Celebrations.com  

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