Holiday Waffle Sticks

For some odd reason, going out for breakfast always equates to ordering waffles for every member of our family.  There is a magical quality to waffles that conjures up images of a decadent all American breakfast feast.  The fluffy goodness that bounces off your fork and into your mouth, the smiles that twinkle with sugar and gooey syrup and the laughter that follows each bite.  While pancakes are the champion of our Saturday mornings at home, waffles are the king of our Sunday mornings spent huddled around a small table in a bustling breakfast joint…until now.  After years of longing for a waffle maker to bring this breakfast royalty to our family breakfast table, I finally have my longed for waffle maker and can make all the magic happen right in my kitchen.

With the batter mixed, aprons tied and hungry mouths to feed, we fired up our new Hamilton Beach Waffle Makers and let the breakfast feast begin.  We created big round fluffy waffle cakes with the Breakfast Master and divided up the waffle sticks from the waffle cakes made on the Waffle Maker.  The intention was to sit down around the table, graciously plate our waffles, put our knives and forks to proper use and behave with civility over breakfast…. but those waffle sticks tossed us into a frenzy, with little regard for forks, napkins or manners.  The waffles practically begged us to eat them right off the grill plate, the sugar went flying, our fingers went onto auto pilot, and before we knew it, the batter was gone and our breakfast was devoured from around the waffle makers.

This holiday season I am dishing up waffle sticks with style and so can you….  join me on Facebook for a chance to win a Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker.



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