Healthy Snacking

December, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

With so many New Year Resolutions going around, the one that I hear more frequently is to eat healthier…especially when all you need is a quick tide me over until dinner, or in my case at 1opm when I just need a little something something before I tuck myself in for the night.  I’m the worst at offering advice for healthy snacking because more often than not I find myself snacking on salami and saltine crackers; not quite the worst snack but if there is one thing I do in 2015, it will be to ensure that every snack I reach for has something fresh to offer, because one cannot snack on salami and saltines alone.

Healthy Snacking by Coryanne Ettiene

In my quest to liven snack time up, I embracing simple, traditional flavors from what I always have in the fridge.  Bright, sweet, juicy tomatoes wrapped in Prosciutto and basil gives me that taste of summer that is lacking in the winter months, and so easy to make that you can wrap up a dozen in one go and snack on them all day long.  I’m partial to the YELO tomato, but a Roma is just as fab in this case.  Just make sure it is sweet, juicy and perfectly ripe because half the fun is the juice flying around and giving the Prosciutto a tangy infusion.  And while I am never one to miss an opportunity to jazz up the simplest of dishes, if you are hosting a party, drizzle a bit of vodka over them…even if it is a party for one and you are the only guest.

For more great healthy snacking options for a healthier 2015, check out  my Healthy Snacks Board on Pinterest.  From granola, to fruit drops, to savory bites, there are over 50 pins full of healthy inspiration certain to help you get your healthy on in the new year.  I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to try the Basil Flatbread crackers from Martha Stewart.


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Healthy Snacking by Coryanne Ettiene

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