Healthy Halloween Snacks

October, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

If you have ever tried to pass of carrot sticks as Witches Fingers then you know all too well the cries of horror that a young child can create when they spot a healthy party snack.  Truth is, we all over-indulge and feast of sweets this time of year, isn’t that what costumes are for?  In my attempt to balance out all the sugar with something healthy that passes the 8 year old hostess test, I decided to round my children up, and give them the chance to create a healthy Halloween treat for my latest Celebrations feature.  Margeaux wowed her brothers with this chocolate mix they endearingly called “Bat Mix” and Sawyer, with his love of marshmallows, created the “Ghost Mix


Hungry for me? Here are a few more of my Celebrations Halloween features that offer more treat than trick.

Spider Lolly Pops

Black Cat Halloween Martini

Cherry Pomegranate Pirate Punch

Red eyed crow cocktail






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