Good Old Fashioned Food Fight

November, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

When was the last time you had a food fight?  I asked myself this same question a few months ago and was saddened by the fact that I had never had one.  In fact ,the closest thing I had ever done that even resembled a food fight was when my children were toddlers and I would serve them something that would cause them to fling their plastic spoon in my direction.  Life is too short not to get dirty in the kitchen, to have a cake planted in your face or feel the soft creamy ooze of frosting between your toes…so I staged one. And it was the best experience.  If you do anything this weekend, get dirty, let the food fly and forget about the clean up.

Photo by Kacqueline Kerness

Photo by Jacqueline Kerness


shhhh…. this was meant to be one of the photos from our holiday collection, but truth be told darlings, I had to share it because it makes me smile when I think of how much fun we had.



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