Farm House Skillet Recipe

January, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Brinner…it is a winner.  At least in my house, but I am always looking for ways to move the sweet of the menu and get my kitchen table crowd excited about savory dishes made with my grandmother’s cast iron skillet.  When we landed in the US she handed down her collection of cast iron skillets, and with great shame they have nested in my cupboard for nearly 2 years, gathering dust, rust and any number of ailments of neglect along the way, only to be rediscovered when we re-organized the kitchen this month.  My heart broke just a little at the neglect as I reflected how much she nurtured them and how excited she was to pass them down “to someone who would love them”.   But truth be told, they sat unused for so long because I could not muster the time to care for them, and keep them as pristine as she kept them for so many years.  But after a few Google searches and a long conversation with my neighbor who survives off of cast iron meals, I rolled up my sleeves, polished them within in an inch of their life and created a recipe worthy of all the meals that make the fabric of these pans a true family heirloom.

As an Alexia Tastemaker I have been slowly going through all of their fabulous frozen food products, creating mid week family recipes for them, and hot on our “oh so yummy” list is their Rosemary & Garlic Oven Fries. Seasoned just right, they add the all too popular ‘fries’ component to this Farm House Brinner ensuring that the skillet is polished and clean even before it leaves the table.


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Disclaimer: As an Alexia Tastemaker, I am being compensated for the partnership and recipes that I create for Alexia Foods.   The content, recipe and sentiments shared above area all my opinions.  

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