Family Game Night Tips & Tricks

January, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

January is the perfect month to bring the kitchen table to life with a fun filled family game night. After the expense and festivities of the holidays, sitting around the table with a little healthy family competition is an inexpensive and relaxing way to spend time living in your kitchen with the ones you love.  Mind you, my gaming personality should come with a caution — I have been known to sharpen my elbows before a game of Monopoly and memorize the entire “Z” section of the dictionary before a game of Scrabble all in an attempt to…well…win.  But I try to make up for this unpleasent side of my personality by offering simple and indulgent game night goodies.

Top of our list for any and all winter family gatherings is my Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate.  So simple it feels awkward giving you a recipe….  simply dip your extra large marshmallow in chocolate, cover in sugar sprinkles and then allow it to set until you are ready to place them in a mug, and top with steaming hot milk (we love adding a few drops of Vanilla Extract to the milk to give it an added indulgence).

I recently shared my tips for hosting a family game night with New Day Northwest in Seattle, if you missed them last week, click on the video below to watch me share my recipe for homemade instant hot chocolate and a pick of our top  family games.



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