Family Favorite Potato Recipes

April, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I must admit, I never pass up a french fry or potato chip…  my salty cravings always get the best of me, but there are so many other ways for me to satisfy my cravings for salty potatoes, and in my new Idaho Potato Commission series I’m sharing some of my favorite mid week potato dishes.  From a, “oh heavens what shall we cook, it’s 5 o’clock” dinner like a Spanish Omelet or a Cottage Pie, to more scheduled dinners like a Yellow Roast with Porter Gravy or my favorite, Duchess Potatoes….there is something for everyone in the new series.

family favorite potato recipes by Coryanne Ettiene

Like my last series, I had the pleasure of bringing one of our children on set to cook with me, and this time, 10 year old Margeaux took center stage cooking up a storm.  I may have my “motherhood goggles” on, but she really did steal the show.  I could not be more proud of her interest in cooking from scratch, and her talents at whipping up an amazing Cottage Pie are endless; Watch it here.  And while I am so proud of her, my husband is proud of me for finishing my first bottle of Porter.  As a devoted lover of strong, English beer, he has long been trying to get me not just to cook with it, but also drink it….and in true fashion, I swigged from the bottle after the shoot and loved every last sip.  Apparently, if I love Porter gravy, I also love Porter (who knew?).   Watch the the latest videos by clicking on the recipe of choice below, or pop over to my YouTube and check out the full series on my playlist

Spanish Potato Omelet   |   Yellow Potato Roast  |  Cottage Pie  |  Duchess Potatoes

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