Family Cooking: A New Idaho Potato Video Series

October, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

It is no secret that I started cooking when the tiny people scurrying around my kitchen starting eating.  I was plunged into a world of grocery stores, ovens and perishable food kicking and screaming the entire time, until slowly those kitchen disasters became fewer and fewer.  Potatoes have been part of my kitchen story since the moment I first put on a pot of water and held a masher in my hands — like old friends, I find comfort in potatoes because they are forgiving, easy to work with and make the family cooking experience all the more enjoyable.  That and, I’m rarely overheard saying “eat your potatoes” which means that the family meals made with potatoes are just as fabulous as the cooking experience.

Over the last few months, I’ve been enlisting the children in my culinary adventures, encouraging them to celebrate a variety of cooking methods. By the sounds of it, some of these methods can seem advanced, but when you take away the fancy names and simply just follow the steps, they are so simple that I’ve been able to stand back and watch them grow in the kitchen.  I must admit, I do hover a bit when the oven is involved, and offer a bit too much direction when it comes to knives… but they love me all the same.

Simple, healthy recipes that get children cooking  | A new video series from Coryanne Ettiene

In my latest video series for the Idaho Potato Commission Margeaux and Xander each took center stage in cooking — sharing their favorite cooking methods and showing first hand how simple it is to include these methods in your family cooking experience.  I wanted the new series to be a more honest approach to our kitchen life, not too staged or scripted, just honest.  You’ll see me concentrate with a serious brow while I’m flipping the potato pancakes, the caption should read “oh rats, I left them too long, hope they are not burnt”; our middle son  Sawyer quietly waiting for dinner as he always does;  little Xander starting to wander off while cooking because he is 6 and, well that is what you do when you are 6;  and for the first time ever….  my husband cooks with me.  As usual, Margeaux graciously steals the show — her understanding of where to look, how to cook and how to do it all at the same time amazes me; watch out world, she is awesome.  This is how we live, this is how we eat, this is who we are.

Simple, healthy recipes that get children cooking by Coryanne Etteine

Watch all the videos on the Idaho Potato Commission Youtube channel links below, and get the full recipes from the Idaho Potato Commission website.

  • Idaho Potato Pancakes 3 Ways    :  Perfect for brunch or a mid week left over option, we love these simple cakes.  Great for anyone over the age of 8 that can handle a hot pan, and perfect for those busy mid week dinners.  Get the recipe here.
  • Parchment Roasted Fingerlings :  Simple does not even begin to describe this, once you try it, it will be a weekly favorite.  Great for anyone over the age of 3, this is the perfect intro to cooking dish that everyone loves to eat. Get the recipe here.
  • Toad in the Hole :  Millions of Englishmen can’t be wrong, this is our kinda family dinner.  There is something for everyone in this meal, carve out an afternoon and make a day of kitchen living family style. Get the recipe here.
  • Yukon Gold, Ham, & Gruyère Gallet  :  Rustic charm that backs a fabulous flavor; put your own spin on it.  Great for anyone over the age of 5 with supervision, or anyone over 10 if you fancy standing backhand watching it all unfold.  Get the recipe here.



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