Fall Kitchen Check List

September, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I adore autumn.  Oh let me count the ways…  caramel dipped apples, falling leaves, tall boots, foggy mornings, hot cups of tea, hearty stews, pumpkins on door steps, and stove tops simmer with any number of savory delights…..  Frankly I could bore you to death with my love note to Fall, it is the season that gets me most excited about kitchen living, the one time of year where the kitchen comes alive with new smells, warming dishes and snuggly kitchen antics that no other season offers.  There is no anxiety over a packed party season, or the kitchen being too hot, there is only comfort and that fuzzy feeling that makes you feel at home and utterly domesticated.

Now that the race to school is behind us, September is the perfect time to give your kitchen a Fall make over.  Not everything needs to be done this week my darlings, you have weeks to get it done.  Pace yourself, do one or two things a week, and carve out an afternoon to do a big restock, by the time the door bell rings with the first trick or treater, you will be ready for the chaos we call the holiday season.

If you are as gaga for autumn as I am, check out my latest board {Modern} Fall Inspirations with over 190 pins dedicated to recipes, entertaining, decor and lifestyle Fall trends.  Or go for my more focused boards like {Eat} Soup, {Eat} Roasted, or my favorite {Eat} Sugar Lips on Pinterest.

Fall Kitchen CheckList by @coryanneettiene

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