Fall Bucket List

September, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Fall, glorious Fall.  I grew up saying Fall — eve though there is no such thing in Southern Arizona.  Then after a few years abroad, Autumn seemed to just roll off my tongue.  I must admit, I do like the sound of Autumn, it has a certain coziness to it that makes you want to wrap up in a blanket and were woolly socks.  But here I am, in the heart of Texas finding myself saying Fall again when I write down my Fall Bucket List.   Regardless of what you call it, to really enjoy every moment of this fabulous season where leaves turn, stews simmer and fire pits glow, you will need a bucket list to make sure you capture everything you can about this glorious season.

Coryanne Ettiene -- Fall Bucket List

There are so many reasons to fall in love with this season, and how it transforms your kitchen.  For me it is the smell, always the  smell.  Those tangy summer herbs and berry stained finger tips are replaced by smokey aromatic spices, nutty root veggies…. and all the while you find yourself switching between those sinfully lazy slow cooker meals, and the equally as irresistable  oven dinners.  Can you say “one tray dinners“, oh I can, and do so so often that I need to keep buying bigger and sturdier oven trays.  But more than just the how the kitchen it transformed, the dining table is too. Sturdier dishes, fresh linens with texture and age, and that amazing shimmer that comes when the table is finally aglow because for the first time in months, you really can dine by candle light.  And less we forget all the decor, those deep golden tones of orange, brown, red and yellow bursting from everywhere, adorning our doorways and porches?   Oh, and what better accessory can you ask for than a warm, smokey cocktail to take the nip out of a chilly Fall evening?  Whatever you plan for this Fall, enjoy it.  Because frankly, Fall goes by way too quickly and soon we will be cursing Jack Frost and longing for those days when we could entertain the thought of being outside and catch a whiff of Russian Sage wafting through the Fall breeze.

Coryanne Ettiene -- Fall Bucket List

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