Ettiene Market Opens in Downtown McKinney Texas

April, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I’m sitting in a room with brown paneling, and beige carpet illuminated with florescent light, the air is stale with smells of cardboard and dust; and I am as happy as a bird with a french fry.  Gone are those stunning large windows and rays of light that bask my desk, and the sound of the chickens pecking happily just outside.  I must take the time to coordinate my outfit before I leave for work and I watch the clock while doing so, I’ve joined the masses that embrace the morning scramble and do so with a giant spring in my step because now, after 9 long months, Ettiene Market is open for business and my new office is tucked away behind it.

Ettiene Market Opening

I realize that only now, after months of planning and waiting, I’ve been talking about Ettiene Market on social media but never on the blog, so for many of you this is the first you are hearing of it. “Ta-Da!”  It’s a shop! I’ve created a tab on the home page that will take you to our shop website, but for not it is just a landing page with tid-bits of information. The goal long term is expand it to an online shop, but for now it is located in Downtown McKinney Texas where we have been treated with the most amazing reception.  The fabulous team at Downtown McKinney worked with Cassie Loree Photography to showcase this amazing virtual tour, and after only 2 weeks open we feel so much more connected with our community and with our food narrative.

After school the children come to the shop, help out with the stock and at the register, and our darling Spinny is now resident shop dog, #SpinnyTheShopDog who loves her new role…and that is not sweet enough, Sexy Lexy has been known to work in the shop with me when time allows.  As a family we are just delighted to be doing this together. Even my mother flew down to help me, and lend her keen eye to help ensure the shop was merchandized just right.

Ettiene Market Now open

Working in food media means that I spend the greater part of my day at my desk, or in front of a camera talking to myself in the hopes that others will listen to what I have to say. These last 2 weeks have been nothing short of brilliant — every day I’ve had the opportunity to talk about food with people, hear their food narrative and share mine.  Just as it should be, a communal experience.  I’ll still continue to operate Ettiene Media just as before, I’ve just opted to expand my horizons, build something with an in real life community and nurture both so that my world is more rounded, more human and more sustainable.  I’m also learning to expand my team, and accepting that I cannot, nor want, to do it all.  I hope you will pop over and join us on the Ettiene Media Instagram account, I’d love nothing more than for both my communities to be one community united by a shared passion for great food and kitchen tools.

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