Essential Tools for Holiday Cooking

November, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I never have enough tiny bowls, an addiction that I blame my mother for.   Every time we stroll casually through Sur La Table, she stops and admires the miniature bowls and always leaves with one or two more to add to her growing collection.  In turn I would raise my eyebrow and smirk at this habit never quite “getting” the tiny bowl obsession…until recently.  I have been a tiny bowl hoarder for 345 days now, and together we must look like we are shopping for the Little’s, when in fact we are really shopping for ourselves. Who knew that a little bowl would have so much potential…dips, ice cream, butter, snacks, sides… and leave the humble side plate lonely and ignored in my dish pantry.  I could, in fact, rid myself of all the other dishes; imagine the simplicity of having cleared out the entire dish pantry of anything but the essentials…. I know if I were stranded on a “Kitchen Island” the only dish I would take with me would be the tiny bowls I am hoarding like crazy these days (Thank you mother).

So what about my kitchen tools…. Which ones would make the cut and join me on “Kitchen Island”? It is amazing what you can pull off with an immersion blender and a Dutch Oven…. add a ricer or a skillet to the mix and you can cook like a chef all week long.  But of course, one cannot live life well without a roasting dish or a mister…I mean, really, cocktails and roasts are what give us our humanity.

Watch the full video of my Kitchen Island Must Haves from my Seattle New Day segment here:


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