Egg Free Cherry Ice Cream

July, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I have to admit it, working with Stemilt is quickly becoming the highlight of my summer…never have we had so many amazing cherries to play with and never has our summer been so sweet.  I practically wake up dreaming of cherry recipes and go to be with cherry infused dreams.  Life, it appears literally has a cherry on top.  And with cherry season in full swing, and with a bottle of fresh cherry syrup in my fridge, this recipe for cherry ice cream is like summer in a single scoop; only in a flash because it is a no cook recipe.  Making no cook ice cream means that you don’t need to mess about with making custard so your ice cream is egg free and ready in minutes.   So sweet, so tart and so fragrant that you will want to make 2 batches because the first will be gone in a blink of an eye. If you think it is great on its’ own, try it in a milk shake…. Amazing!

No cook Cherry Ice Cream by Coryanne Ettiene

Get my recipe for egg free ice cream on the Stem, the Stemilt Blog by clicking here. And when you make it, remember, no egg ice cream can be more crumbly, less creamy that a frozen custard so let it thaw just a bit before you scoop it out straight from the freezer, and if possible serve it soft scoop…  with a cherry on top.


Disclaimer: I am working in partnership with Stemilt on a number of projects. All thoughts expressed are my own.

No Egg Cherry IceCream by Coryanne Ettiene B

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