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April, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Growing up in Arizona, Easter chocolate was always a risky venture.  By the time the Easter Bunny hopped into town, we were facing 100F weather so Easter chocolate was always a second favorite to jelly beans…   and to this day, if you put a bowl of jelly beans in front of me, I will eat them, without thought, until I roll on ground in agony begging for anyone to bring me a tooth brush (clearly I have to work on self control).  As we venture into our 2nd Easter in Washington, chocolate is back on the  menu, and I have already sent word to the Easter Bunny, that he can drop off as much of it as he can carry…white, dark, milk, you name it, I am embracing Easter chocolate this year in every form imaginable.

Just as much as I am embracing chocolate, I am also diving head first into as many egg DIY projects as I can imagine.  While working on my latest Celebrations.com feature, our  house was a factory of egg dipping, molding, crafting and boiling.  By now our children are used to seeing holidays celebrated twice, sometimes 3 times in one year, but when it comes to holidays that include candy…. they are especially excited to jump in and lend a hand with the cooking, styling and even helping me create child friendly crafts like the egg cups found here.

Decorating with Easter Eggs by Coryanne Ettiene

My Easter series shows you how to hand craft egg shaped candles using egg shells and hand dyed egg shells as candles or even place card holders.  After some trial and error, I leaned that as a novice with wax, the easier option is to use the egg shell as the candle holder, as crafting a perfectly molded egg shape, even with the egg shell to help form it, is a lengthy process.  Learn how to make them by clicking here.  My favorite part of this project had to be hand dipping the eggs…I dare say, I went a little bit crazy with my love of Teal.  I used the basic primary food coloring and layered the eggs one dip at a time.  I had a row of various combinations of blue and green, then a light blend of purple lined up. I dipped, I dried, I dipped, sometimes I used a cloth to blot them dry…  talk about therapeutic, I could have done this all day.  The beauty with mixing your own color palate is that not one egg will be the same,  making for a more interesting decorative focal point.

Coconut Cluster Easter Jars by Coryanne Ettiene
My Easter color pallet is blue and teal this year so I embraced that theme with my Easter Gift Jars, a craft so simple you will be looking for small toys to paint at every opportunity.  I used small bunnies I bought on etsy and spray painted them blue, find out how to make the Easter Gift Jars and my recipe for white chocolate coconut cluster by clicking here.
Between hosting tips, DIY project, recipes and decorating tips, everything you need for a fabulous Easter Celebration is found on my Celebrations.com profile, or click on the link you fancy below:

And for my shared fans of history out there, I was curious about our Easter traditions and did a bit of searching….  did you know that Easter Egg decorating originated in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia. Eggs were dyed for spring festivals, which lead to the tradition for decorating Easter Eggs around the world?



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