DIY Simple Distressed Herb Planters

March, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I love herb planters, especially ones that look like they have spent a lifetime dedicated to growing amazing herbs.   They remind me of my mother’s backyard where weathered clay pots are adorned with leafy herbs.  Which is why, when I can’t find distressed pots at the flea markets, I quickly distress new pots to capture the look my mother has so authentically crafted over time.

Distressed Planters By Coryanne Ettiene


It really is a simple as a few brush strokes if you opt for a simple design.  I’m not talented when it comes to painting, so simple is always my goto option. I stuck with one and used the same idea on all my pots, regardless of size so they look like a collection.  The other alternative if you are as challenged as I am, is to find a stencil you like, and transfer it to the pot, but that is an all together other tutorial.  Watch my latest video for AOL or follow the short cut instructions below.

To get started, wash and dry your pot, then use grey or black paint to paint the design onto your pot. And don’t worry if it looks less than perfect– the beauty with this is that you can distress away the imperfections. Once the design is dry, white wash your pot with a cream or white paint by using diluting the paint so it is runny, then apply with a paper towel or old cloth.  Layer on the white wash, allowing it to be darker in some areas and absent in others.  Allow the white wash layer to dry, and then use a light sand paper to complete the distressed look.  I did the whole process on a sunny afternoon, but it can be spread out over a few days if the weather, or time is not permitting.

DIY Summer Herb Pots by Coryanne Ettiene

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