DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

July, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

If there is one truth about my kitchen life it is that if a kitchen cupboard has a door on it, I will leave it open.  Evidence of which is scattered across the foreheads of my family who find themselves in the path of my open door policy.  As a family kitchen, I want everything within arms reach, easy for me to get to while I’m cooking and close enough to reach when I am cleaning up.  Doors just get in the way and slow me down.  Of course, I could close them, but why when I have the option of open shelving?

#EttieneCottage Kitchen

When we moved into Ettiene Cottage this summer the one thing I longed for was to pull out the built in units and create an open kitchen, where shelves reigned supreme and doors were a thing of the past. But we wanted to do it ourselves, one section at a time so that we could make it work for us and look at it and say, “we did that”.  3 months into our tiny journey and our first section is done. The single open shelf cooking station that runs across the back wall.

This added shelf took a dull wall that is the focal point of our kitchen, and turned it into a workable display that adds function and style, all for under $50.  It allows us to store our most used dry goods, cooking utensils, oils and essentials all within arms reach. No open doors, no walking to the pantry, noting but easy cooking.  I can’t wait to play with adding decorative elements like paintings to it and see how it changes with the seasons.

DIY Kitchen Open Shelving


  • Wooden shelf – cut to size required
  • Wall anchors for securing the shelf to the wall (especially if you are not screwing into a stud)
  • Paint & brush (we repainted our kitchen, and painted the shelves to match so that it blends into the wall)
  • Decorative shelf bracket or support
  • Copper Rod for hanging pots and S hooks
  • Screw driver for securing the shelf
  • Drill for drilling holes into the wall and into the bracket for the copper rod
  • Spirit level

#EttieneCottage Kitchen Open Shelving by Coryanne Ettiene

Directions:  Start by marking a line along the wall at the height that you want the top of the shelf, then mark in where you are placing the brackets. This will be the same if you are mounting the brackets on the wall studs or using anchors to brace them (Make sure that you account for the distance between the end of each shelf and the bracket). Once you have the wall marked, check again to make sure that the shelf and brackets are in the right place and that the shelf is level and square. Then drill the holes, and place the anchors and screws into the wall, and then drill the holes in the brackets for the copper rod. Before placing your shelf, the shelf and brackets. Once dry assemble the shelving, making sure to place the rod brackets first followed by the rod. Lastly screw the shelf to the brackets to complete the open shelf.

We have so much more to do to our little kitchen, but with a new fridge and our first open shelving in place, the fun has only just begun.

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#EttieneCottage Kitchen Open Shelving by Coryanne Ettiene

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