DIY Chunky Knit Scarf

February, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Excuse me while I tell you that I’m getting old and that I’m wearing a DIY Chunky Knit Scarf to keep off the chill.   Not the gentle, nudge nudge kind of old that you feel in your 3os, but the, “Oh dear, when I look in the mirror I see my mother, just bought a set of hankies, and started my last conversation talking about the weather” kind of old you feel with you are in your 40s and notice that skinny jeans should really not be in your wardrobe any longer.   And whilst I’m being honest, I also discuss face creams and epson salts with my neighbors, and long to own a comfortable pair of shoes.  I’m not a spring chicken, I’m more like an autumn hen who carries a knitting basket to backyard parties.

DIY Chunky Knit Scarf by Coryanne Ettiene

After 25 years of not knitting, I’ll admit that I’ve picked it up a few times over the years, but it has never really been my thing until this year when I embarked on a knitting marathon, knitting scarves in between sips of hot tea and conversations about the price of butter.  I kid you not.  

As I’m impatient, and am easily distracted, I will likely never get too elaborate when it comes to knitting, and not ashamed to say that the idea of following a pattern sends me running towards the hills. So I keep it simple and have knitted a million basic scarfs using the chunkiest wool I can find this winter.  Each one very similar but all together different, especially if you add a fringe at both ends to finish it off.  The thicker the wool, the fewer stitches you need, the quicker they are to finish; If you stand still long enough, I might wrap one around your neck.

DIY Chunky Knit Scarf by Coryanne Ettiene

A DIY Chunky Knit Scarf is the easiest place to start when you are trying to get your knitting grove on, or like me just want something easy but impactful.    You simply cast on, knit, pearl, repeat until you have it as long as you want it.  Just remember that they scarf will widen as it grows, especially with chunky wool.  This scarf in particular I cast on at least 6 times before I had the right width and I got so carried away with creating a long scarf that I had to race out and buy another bundle of wool to finish the fridge at the end that is applied with a simple slip knot along the edge.

Rather than give you a poor excuse for instruction on how to make your own DIY Chunky Knit Scarf, I’ll send you to the two places where I got my refresher course. The fist is a set of  videos from CyberSeams on Youtube that shows the motion of knitting on repeat,  and this really fun tutorial by Design Sponge that illustrates it one easy to follow guide. These two sources will get you on the path to knitting, even if like me, all you want is a DIY Chunky Knit Scarf.


DIY Chunky Knit Scarf by Coryanne Ettiene

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