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Cooking with Coryanne by iFood.TV

It is hard to imagine that 10 years ago I could burn water and today I am sharing inspiration that allows modern living to fit with a more kitchen centric lifestyle.  The polar differences between the woman I was before children, and the woman I am today is so striking that more than just my hair color has changed.  My outlook on life, and were I find my happiness is now embedded in my kitchen, with the people who sit at my table and the memories we create that add spice and sweetness to our daily lives.  Mind you I may be getting a little gushy, but truly, there is nothing more fulfilling than making a healthy meal for your family, serving your guests with a meal to remember,  or sitting at the kitchen table reflecting on a life infused with the flavors of everything that makes life delicious.


This journey started out as a personal right of passage, with the hopes of transforming a culinary klutz into to a confident home cook, and somewhere in the last 2 years my path took me well beyond my expectations, to a place where I can share my journey, my inspirations and my recipes from my kitchen to yours.  Through my kitchen adventures, I have learned to embrace my disastrous cooking past, celebrate my culinary victories and foster a confidence in the kitchen that has allowed me to build a business out of my passion for kitchen living.  And no greater joy can come from announcing that this week, my path took me in a direction that was hoped for, strived for and is finally a reality…..I have teamed up with iFood.TV to create a new cooking show called “Cooking with Coryanne”.  And darlings, I had the best time filming on location in my kitchen yesterday…  so  much so that I could not resist a little celebration dance…I might be hamming it up a bit, but sometimes you just need to dance in your kitchen, click on   Cooking with Coryanne for a quick 6 second giggle.