Cognac Butter

December, 2011 · By Coryanne Ettiene

With all the presents, party going and endless tasks to complete over the holiday season, sometimes it is easy to forget that the holidays are about family, and building memories that live long after we take the garland down. Celebrating with good food, family and a Christmas tree should be at the heart of every Christmas, and no story rings more true to this than the one I recently learned about a family Christmas in 1941….

Christmas 1941

With little money to match his desire for a family Christmas tree, his children tucked into bed, and his wife whipping Cognac Butter for a Christmas breakfast, my Grampy Powell took to the wintery streets of Boston in search of a tree  he could afford.  He walked miles, passing tree lots filled with trees to rich for his pocket.  Being a proud Bostonian man, he finally turned around and walked home with a heavy heart.  As luck would have it when he returned on the same path he had taken, the Christmas Tree lot he visited earlier had closed, leaving all the unsold trees in a heap on the street.  He awoke on Christmas morning to screams of delight from his children who danced around the tree while my great grandmother made Christmas breakfast.   I love this story, and the one where  at the heart of the depression, he took an axe and cut down a Pine Tree from a nearby forest…if there was one thing that he understood, is that Christmas is not about the presents under the tree, but about the people gathered around it.

May your holiday season be Merry and Bright…..maybe a little Cognac Butter will start your holiday morning off to a bright start, great on toast, pancakes, mince pies, or even straight from the pot.

Cognac Butter

Ingredients: 100g of soft unsalted butter, 225g of powdered sugar, and 4 Tablespoons of Cognac.

Directions: Place the butter in a large mixing bowl and whisk until light and fluffy.  Once fluffy, slowly add in the sugar and whisk until fully blended.  And then gradually pour in the Cognac, starting with half a measurement and increasing until the full measurement has been blended into the butter.  Spoon into a serving dish, cover and let sit in your refrigerator for 1-2 hours to set.




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