Cognac Butter and the Magic of Christmas

November, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Next to Herodotus, my grandmother is my favorite story teller.  It is my greatest regret that I have not spent my life writing down her view of the world through the sights, sounds and smells of the kitchen, and my one saving grace that I am able to  share little glimpses of her view of the world with you today.  Her memories are captivating, and like a magnet, have pulled me into the kitchen centric lifestyle I lead today.  My own romantic view of history tints her stories with rose color, and I have no doubt that I take artistic liberties when I re-tell her stories to my children.

While all her stores are magical, it is her Christmas memories that spark the most vivid illustrations in my mind. Set in a Pre-war Boston,  I envision her wearing her red winter coat, riding a crammed city bus while sharing a seat with her mother as they raced through town towards the magnificent window displays lining the shopping district of Boston.  They arrive full of festive cheer, eager to stroll hand in hand window shopping despite the economic hardships crippling their promise of a bountiful holiday. While they feast on the merriment of Boston,  her father is hunting high and low looking for a cut price Christmas Tree to surprise the family with, only to return well into the  midnight hours with a Pine Tree that in the morning would dampen her holiday spirits because all she really wanted was a Christmas tree like the ones that lined the windows the previous day.  But her sulk was short lived, the tree was forgotten, and her faith in all things good and grand were restored  thanks to the all too familiar aroma of the sweet creamy Cognac Butter that her mother was whipping in the kitchen.

Photo Courtesy of Kroger Family of Stores and MyMagazine Extras

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