Christmas Sugar Cookies

December, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Whoever said “no one likes a know it all” never met a Cookie Guru.  Everyone should have Cookie Guru in their email signature and leave a trail of sugar lips in their wake. Cookies blanket your home with the aroma of love, turn dull moments into cherished memories and make fast friends out of strangers.  Cookie Guru’s make the world a better place. But who has time to become a Cookie Guru with all the Fra, La, Laling going on at Christmas?  Shortcuts darlings, take plenty of shortcuts, like turning one dough into 9 different cookies, that is my solution and we have laid out all the recipes and how to in Box Nine Magazine.

Sugar cookies are heaven sent, you can do anything with them and make them as fancy pants as you like, or embrace their original rustic charm and let little fingers turn them into works of art.  Sandwich them, hand shape them, or cut them….  When making Box Nine Magazine we went gaga for cookies; because frankly, what is a Christmas season without eating your body weight in cookies?  

Box Nine Sugar Cookies photo by Sam Henderson

The beauty with a basic sugar cookie dough is that it will keep in your fridge for days and you can pretty much let your imagination go wild. Box Nine is full of ideas, my personal favorite, the candy cane sandwich.  It sticks to your lips like only the best of cookies should and it practically sings carols to you while you take each bite.  But if you are more of a modernist, try the cookie fries.  Yes, cookie fries.  A very happy accident that came about when we realized we did not cut enough shapes…  enter the potato ricer and presto…  cookie fries.  

Box Nine Magazine Cookie Fries By Sam Henderson

Get the full run down of how to become a Cookie Guru in Box Nine Magazine for free by clicking here.  And a huge shoutout to Sam Henderson for his amazing photography, not just in these images, but in the entire magazine.

Box Nine Magazine Cookie Fries By Sam Henderson

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