Christmas “Pinspiration”

December, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Social media has changed the way I communicate, and no where is that sentiment more true than when I look at the inspiration board in my office that stands neglected like a ditto machine waiting for someone to take it for a twirl.  The tacks are the only thing that remain inspiring, and even those are from the era when push pins were vogue and my thumbs were dented from the mad frenzy of creating a new board.  It reminds me of the time capsules we buried in elementary school:  forgotten, dusty and perfectly preserved from lack of interest.  But while my office inspiration board stands unchanged, my inspiration grows on Pinterest.

Join me in celebrating 30 days of Pinspiration and my love of the {Modern} Christmas Kitchen as part of the Pinterest 30 Days of Pinspiration.  I am practically giddy from excitement to be included in the line up of amazing boards offering endless inspiration for the magical month of December, and hope that the boards featured will inspire you to embrace an festive and magical end to 2012.


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