Christmas Magic with #Box9Mag

November, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Try as I might, I can hardly find the eloquent words needed to announce that my latest venture with Sam Henderson is live.  I mean, it’s a magazine.  Like a, you’ll need to sit down with a pot of coffee by the fire kinda magazine because it is packed with over 60 pages of recipes, party tips, DIY projects and interviews from amazing personalities in the lifestyle area ……kinda magazine.  You see, eloquence escapes me, I’ve been reduced to a 6 year old  in a candy store shouting in a high pitched voice with her arms widely flailing about because I’m that damn excited.  Need a visual, here is a behind the scenes look of just the antics I am talking about.  My six year old is more composed than I am…..

Get inspired with an edible tree this Christmas from #box9mag

For the last 3 months I’ve been watching my hair turn silver, my eyes get baggy and my nights filled with sugar plum fairies while my days are spent working in an office turned into a winder wonderland.   You can read the journey in the magazine, but this I want you to know before you click on the first page:  Now that Box Nine Magazine is live, I take back all the “I’m never going to do this again” drama because every single learning curve, writers block and sleepless night was worth it; I really did love every second of making this magazine, and now that I am on the other side looking back, I am so utterly proud of this collaboration with Sam Henderson.  He is a pure wizard in design and photography, and my family adores him; what more could I ask for in a partner?

#Box9Mag Sam the Photog

You see, I’m gushing and I really don’t care.  Right at this moment, I could give Gwyneth a run for her money in that infamous Oscar speech she gave. It goes without saying I am pretty excited to share my holiday tradition of an edible tree with you, we had such a great time shooting it, despite the 100F weather.  And my fabulous husband, bless his heart, read over the magazine a million times in the last week, and stood in the background taking photos of us taking photos so I could share some of the behind the curtain fun we had making this magazine. And while it really was an ‘all hands on deck’ production, Margeaux was there for every photo we needed, always with a smile and forever ready to help spread Christmas cheer when my inner Grinch started to appear.

#Box9Mag Margeaux the star

I’m bursting with anticipation, click it darling, tweet me, Facebook me, send me an email….  tell me what you think because there will be another one and that one will sizzle this summer.  And if you need a stiff drink while you read it…  here is a little hot off the press inspiration screen grabbed from our premier issue on ISSUU.

10 ways to spike hot cocoa from #Box9Mag

Read the magazine by clicking here or reading the embed below.  And then join us for our launch party on Twitter Wed 19 November 8pm EST using the tag #Box9Mag.  We’ll be giving away $100 if prizes and sharing tips from the magazine plus ideas on how to give back this holiday season.  No RSVP needed, just use #Box9Mag to join the party.



And by all means, have a cookie while you are at it.  I must have gained 10lbs recipe testing with Sam and won over every neighbor in the process.  Neighborhood approved, road tested Christmas cookies, just for you.

Christmas Cookies Recipes from #Box9Mag



Debut Issue of #Box9Mag

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