Pie chips for sweet dips

PieChips and Compote by Coryanne Ettiene

I’m a sucker for chips and salsa, just ask anyone who happens to be standing next to me at a party — I plant myself there and move only once the bowl is dry.  That’s right, I’m one of those, the dip Hawk; I keep one eye on the dip and another on the chips. […]

Vanilla Blueberry Pie – a #BakeForGood family recipe

Vanilla Blueberry Pie by Coryanne Ettiene

Pie.  Glorious Pie.  They really should write more songs about pie because when you put a spoonful of pie in your mouth, you feel like singing…..or is that just me?  When the late spring berries start piling up in our local market, I can’t resist stocking up and turning them into pies and crumbles.  While […]

Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe

Slices of Chocolat Cake By Coryanne Ettiene

At some point in my life I fell out of love with chocolate and then I was coaxed into a chocolate shop in Belgium and found myself sampling enough chocolates to put 20lbs on me.  It was that moment that I fell back in love with the rich, slightly bitter, ever so sweetness of chocolate. […]